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Purpose, Pleasure or Peace?

Anybody got an overcrowded Calendar?

Looking at my calendar one day in frustration, I decided to find out how others, those with even more time demands, get it all done. A busy client shared with me a unique way of managing his calendar. We asks himself 3 questions for every time demand: 1. Does this appointment or project have a Purpose? If he's not clear of the purpose-value, he makes sure to connect with any others involved to determine if there really is a compelling need. He also asks himself if someone else on his team could serve the purpose with greater skill or to build a development need. Sometimes the purpose is simply to be present because a key stakeholder in his career wants him involved. Asking himself this question has decreased the amount of resentment he used to feel about some meetings. 2. Will this time on my calendar create Pleasure? My friend reports that doing things or being with people that are pleasurable actually creates energy in his day! That energy makes it worthwhile to take the time to send a "thank you" email or have lunch with people that are fun, interesting, stimulating, etc. 3. Will this time create more Peace?. Instead of living with a nagging feeling, blocking out time to think or time to get an unpleasant project or conversation done early can create peace of mind.

Becoming a Mentor

Traditionally, a mentor was someone senior who helped those who were junior build skills and make connections.  Often, they were expected to be major "advocates" of a mentee, often lasting for an entire career.

Today, mentors come at all levels of the organization and provide a variety of things for mentees. Two of the newest "mentor" roles are 1. Mentoring "up" and, 2.  a "short term" mentor to gain a new behavior. Here's how they work:

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