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Appreciation At Work

I've noticed a trend among my High Potential clients, they feel unappreciated.  Now why would the best and brightest in a company ever feel unappreciated? Perhaps its because Managers aren't taught that it is a key to getting results through others?

Are you a Human Doing?

Many of my clients report they are so caught up in the "doing" of their jobs, they rarely think about just "being". "Being" seems slow, not necessary, unrelated to their effectiveness; something they want but don't have time for. However, when I ask them to identify the qualities of Leaders they admire, guess what? Beingness comes to the forefront. Of course, the words they use are "presence", "listens intently", "has a passion for what s/he does", "able to get people energized"--but it boils down to a strong sense of who they are as people and as Leaders.

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