Welcome to Jan Thompson & Associates

Jan Thompson & Associates is a coaching organization dedicated to helping Leaders build an inner foundation for outward action.  JT&A provides services to companies where the Executive Team believes Leadership Development is a key to their business strategy.

Jan Thompson, P.C.C. is known for using current neuroscience discoveries to help clients build long lasting change in behaviors and thinking, using both hemispheres of their brain. Most of my clients are strong left-brain types, focusing on analytical, intellectual thinking as the basis for their success to date. However, what if you went to the gym for 25 years and worked primarily on your left side? What would your body look like? In coaching, I introduce methods that cause right brain activity to provide clarity, creativity and better problem solving.

Clients report: “Coaching with Jan has enabled me to think more strategically and now I can help my people improve their thinking too”.

Jan often works with High Potentials and Executives to maximize their value to the company.  How do you know who are your true High Potentials vs. a High Performer? How does development differ for a High Potential? What does it take to retain a High Potential? Using tools from well-researched sources, Jan can help an organization put their development dollars in the right places.

To be an effective executive you must learn how to lead.
Telephone: 619.280.4507 jt@coach4results.com